Forward Listening - The Future of Radio - Radio Program

This is Forward Listening. A radio program about how we'll tune to radio content in the future. This program was created as a final year project as part of my Radio Journalism degree. 

Will podcasting disrupt the radio broadcast, or will streaming mean that tuning a radio will become a thing of the past?

I asked my guests what they thought the future of radio would sound like, how radio has changed, and how good radio can be produced into the future.

My guests for this show are:
James Cridland, Radio Futorologist
Kath Letch, Head of Regional Digital Development CBAA
Chris Johnson, Manager of AMRAP & Digital Innovations CBAA
Scott Rollinson, Producer, ABC Perth

Written, Produced and Edited by G di Giovanni.
Theme song and original music composed by Sarah Salleo.

James Cridland
ABC Radio 720 Perth

On a Wing and a Prayer: Leonora to Geraldton Pigeon Race

Mr Heberle's prized racing pigeons, prior to release.

Forty racing pigeons are winging their way west, after the start of the annual Leonora to Geraldton Pigeon race at 9am this morning, which could net some lucky punters some hefty prizes.

The birds will reach Geraldton in the early hours tomorrow morning before making the trip back to Leonora after travelling more than 1000km.

President of the Champion Bay Pigeon Club Ian Heberle who released the birds, likens their training to those of the elite athletes who are also competing in Leonora this weekend for the Golden Gift foot race, and the Cyclassic road cycling race.

“These Birds have all done over 1000km to get up here and they’ve got to qualify for those distances otherwise they won’t get home. Just like an ordinary athlete if they don’t train they won’t run, they won’t race,” Mr Herberle said.

There is a passion involved with training pigeons that runs deep he explained.

“All the guys that are involved with pigeons, it’s in your blood, and you’ve gotta be dedicated to the birds, otherwise they won’t survive,” Mr Herberle said.

Training pigeons is a long tradition that dates back to the Romans, and during the World Wars homing pigeons were instrumental in saving lives

“During the First World War and second world war, they saved a lot of guys lives. There were 58 medals given out to animals in the war, known as the Dickinson medal, and pigeons won 54,” Mr Herberle said.

Ian Heberle, President of the Champion Bay Pigeon Club

Fans - Tuesday Focus 13th May 2014

Gianni speaks to Quidditch players Dex and Katelyn from the Murdoch Mandrakes, and costumer extraordinaire Brian from Perth Allied Costumers about how they are taking their hobbies to the next level.

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Australian Japanese Diplomacy - Tuesday Focus 6th May 2014

Gianni speaks to Dean of Arts at Murdoch University Professor Rikki Kersten about Australia's place in Asia, in particular to relation to Japan. With free trade agreements promised by the Australian Federal Government how will Australia adapt to the asian century?